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Posted by mycrazylittlelife on 02/11/2009

Today is the only day this week that I don’t have to leave the house! Well, I do have to take my daughter to church. However, I will be dropping her at the door, so it doesn’t count. I feel so blessed to be a SAHM, however the days I actually, you know, stay at home are rare!

Mostly, I’m playing catch up, but I am also working on a few projects. The first is to frame some pictures my father-in-law recently brought over. They were taken in 1952. My father in law at age 15 and his father at age 47.
They are precious to my husband and to me. I’m excited to get them framed so we can display them. As much as I would love to have them restored and professionally framed, it’s just not in the budget right now. So here is what I’ve done. These frames were on the clearance table at Dollar General.
There were two of them – perfect – and they were marked 50% off. So, I bought them both for $6.00. Brought them home, disassembled and painted them.
Yes, I spray paint in my den. The floor is just painted concrete and only ‘temporary’. Here’s the finished product.father/grandfather framed In hindsight, I think I should have used chocolate brown paint. Black satin is just my ‘go to’ right now. Bonus: cutie-patootieHello cutie patootie! This is my husband at 5 years of age. How precious is he? This frame is way too dark for the picture. I’ll have to remedy that later.

My next project is this. I have a frame and the paint chips. I’ve sort of found an arrangement I like. There is just one problem. The background. I don’t have paper large enough to cover the area. I suppose I could paint the cardboard backing, but I’m afraid it will bubble. Suggestions?


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May I pick your brain?

Posted by mycrazylittlelife on 01/11/2009

I can’t decide on my own and my husband would probably like to hold an intervention so I’ll shut up about…..PLACEMATS! Placemats, people. Who knew they could cause so much indicisiveness? Not me. No, never in a million years did I expect to be conflicted over placemats. So here’s the deal. We’ve ruined the top of our table by eating hot foods on paper plates. There, I said it. I serve my family on paper plates 90% of the time. I’m just lazy that way. We are planning to refinish the top of the table and we want placemats to protect it from the steam/moisture that causes those beautiful white marks.

 Oh! Did you think using real plates was going to be an option? Ha ha ha. Um, no. And yes, I do know how un-green it is, you don’t need to send me hate mail. We do reduce, reuse & recycle in other ways. Just ask my friends about my paper towel rules! 

Back to the issue, my table is 36×60, I think. Nevermind the dimensions, I can tell you that I need to seat six and rectangular placemats don’t work. So I found these:


Here they are up close and personal, but the color is off. The color ^ is more accurate.  Please note the water marks!kitchen-reno-1-08-068


For a whopping $1.99! They fit perfectly, don’t you think? They are some sort of nylon which will be easy to clean, but the material also makes them look a bit cheap to me. Although we are not a fancy family, I don’t want them to scream “I COST $2 BUCKS” either.

I just don’t know if I like them. The color is a bit brighter than what I want to accent my kitchen with, but I could live with it. It’s weaved with black, so that tones it down a bit. I bought 8 of them just to have extras, but I haven’t let me famiy use them yet, or take the tags off!, because I’m just so undecided. Or I could just purchase them in taupe to match the walls, but that would be boring.  It’s the little things that trip me up!

So, I’ve created a poll and I covet your input! I need your opinons…my husband begs you because I’m sure he is sick of discussing it already. ‘They are placemats, Woman!”

*My poll isn’t showing up along with most of my widgets. I don’t know what is going on, but it sure is frustrating! Well, comments would do. Tell me what you thing. Thanks!


Clearly, I need window treatments, too. Let’s save that for another day.

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Blog? What blog?

Posted by mycrazylittlelife on 12/07/2008

It’s that time of year! You know when all you can do is *try* to keep up! This blog has fallen to the bottom of my very long list. Maybe I can get back on track next week.

I certainly hope you and yours had a fabulous Thanksgiving! We sure did! We travelled a bit to visit my father. It was a somewhat relaxed weekend. We were able to cook and freeze a great deal of food for him. Per his request I made lasagna and beef/vegetable soup. Then about 4 dozen brownies, I lost count. I also made beef & barley soup and something else. Taco soup, maybe. That’s terrible…I’ve already forgotten!

My dad fried two turkeys and my husband cooked a ham. Of course, for the Thanksgiving meal we had all the trimmings too. His freezer is now well stocked with healthy, homemade foods. It was so great to be able to serve him that way. Since we were so busy cooking, we didn’t clean much. Usually my daughter and I try to at least get to the basics but it just didn’t happen on this visit. Hopefully, his housekeeper will be back to work soon!

On Friday evening we drove a little way out of town to enjoy a drive-thru light display. It was amazing! We were concerned because it was a little pricey (I’m cheap frugal, remember!). However, we were pleasantly surprised. It was worth every penny and we intend to go again next year. Here are some pictures of what we saw. They don’t do it justice in the least.

This was a huge ‘tree’ that changed colors at the entrance.


Horse drawn wagon.


This was toward the end. Before it was a beautiful life size manger scene.


After it was a tomb with angels surrounding it and Jesus ascending into Heaven. I loved that they ended with this! Absolutely gorgeous!

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Posted by mycrazylittlelife on 11/03/2008

From Cagle Cartoons


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Posted by mycrazylittlelife on 08/29/2008

For my fellow homeschooling moms, here’s a bit of encouragement for you.

I had nothing to do with this video, but I think it’s wonderful and wanted to share!

Have a GREAT school year!

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There are a few of my favorite things….

Posted by mycrazylittlelife on 08/19/2008

In an effort to focus on the positive instead of the negative floating around in my head, I thought I would take a few minutes and share with you some items I am currently loving. A few things that make my hectic life a little sweeter.

Dial Vanilla Honey Yogurt Body Wash This has replaced my more scented body wash. It’s moisturizing, yet rinses off well. It doesn’t feel like I’ve taken a dip in a vat of petroleum jelly!

DesignLine Press It Straightening Cream I realize I have already professed my love for this product here, on this blog. However, it is still working for me….therefore, I still love it!

Bigelow Vanilla Chai Tea. This is simply scrumptious! Lately, I’ve been drinking this in the evening. Usually when I want a snack but don’t need one. That would be pretty much every.single.night. It’s not easy for me to find in my podunk little town though. Which disgruntles me. A lot. Way more than it should….but I digress.

Equate Face Lotion. (Cannot locate link, sorry!) I like this product mostly just because it doesn’t aggravate my already troubled skin. This product does make my skin oily, so I only use it in the evening. It contains alpha hydroxy acid and SPF 15. The SPF is important, however I also receive coverage from my next product:

Everyday Minerals foundation. Awesome coverage, awesome colors, awesome price, awesome service. I love everything about this product!

Febreze:Lavender Vanilla Comfort. I just discovered this scent is also available in a non-aerosol spray(pictured)! Yea!  Usually I purchase the Air Effects, which is an aerosol spray. Bad, I know.

And lip stuff! I love me some lip stuff.

Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm is my favorite. My go-to lip balm.


E.L.F. This is what I use when I want a little color. It smells good and tastes good. Which is important because, dude, it’s on my lips! Since I’m not a lipstick girl, these light color ‘glazes’ are just perfect for me.


What are your favorites?

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Star Spangled

Posted by mycrazylittlelife on 07/11/2008

I hope you and yours had a fantabulous 4th of July holiday weekend. Ours was relaxed and uneventful. Just the way I like it. We hosted our yearly par-tay with much fewer people than usual in attendance. There was swimming, overeating, sparklers, overeating, fireworks and more overeating! Even with all of the overeating…I still threw away food. These are my favorite shots from our celebration.




And because I like to give credit where credit is due: my daughter took these pictures. 

Also, there are no ‘people pictures’ because my camera stayed in it’s bag the ENTIRE day.

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Lovely Texas Weather

Posted by mycrazylittlelife on 04/17/2008

This is happening outside our home right now.

It’s lovely. Thankfully the man arrived safe and sound. Now, he too, can experience the insanity of the children. They are preparing the laundry room. I’m guessing we will ‘protect’ enormous amounts of Lego’s, stuffed animals and perhaps a few Littlest Pet Shop animals.

Rest easy, we’ll hold on tight.


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Romans 1:22 ‘Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools’

Posted by mycrazylittlelife on 04/03/2008

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Sad, very sad.

Posted by mycrazylittlelife on 01/22/2008

Pictured with daughter Matilda.

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