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Project Overload

Posted by mycrazylittlelife on 03/26/2009

Sometimes it feels like everything happens at once. I’m just so thankful we’ve been able to get these projects done before the summer heat takes over.

For starters, we (using the term ‘we’ very loosely here) replaced our field lines and converted our system to aerobic. I’ll just let you absorb that for a moment. Yeah. So, it was costly, but certainly not as costly as having a new system installed. ‘We’  also replaced the shower in the kids bathroom. The original tub/shower was very odd. There was a ‘ceiling’ to it (think travel trailer! Srsly.) and the tub so slanted and tall that it made getting in and out dangerous for my Grandmother that lived with us. More on that in a minute. Anyway, the new shower and saftey precautions were, of course,  more expensive and time consuming than anticipated! ‘We’ still need to add trim and then I will post pictures.

About my Grandmother: She is originally from east Texas. She had lived between east Texas and my parents home in Houston since my grandfather passed away 12 years ago. When my mother died two years ago, she came to live with us. She had been alternating her time between our home and her hometown.  However, at 75 her health is quickly deteriorating and her cardiologist recommended she not be leaving town longer than two weeks. She didn’t care for his ‘recommendation’ and made the decision to live there instead of here. She’s sassy and rebellious when she’s mad! I have very mixed feeling about this, but ultimately I do think it is best for all of us. I certainly wish she had made that decision BEFORE we replaced the shower…but I digress. It is what it is. So…we moved her back to her hometown. 

Which leads me to another project! It’s neverending around here, I tell ya!  We built a bedroom in our ‘den’ (converted garage) for our son, giving his room to my Grandmother. So, upon her moving, he got his old room back and now I have an office/craft room. I’m trying to make the kids call it my ‘art studio’ because that sounds more prestigious and I’m all about prestige, you know. They just laugh. Anyway, we are setting up that room for craft projects. And my art. Hopefully it will be done soon then I will just need to decorate it. Can’t wait for that part!

Lest you think we are slackers, we’ve also planted our garden. It will be much smaller than previous years, but plenty for us. The kids are really excited about it and my daughter has been checking for sprouts daily. She knows that we won’t see any for another week…but still she checks. Teens can be so cute!

In summary….we’ve done a lot of stuff around here and we are broke because of it. What have you been up to, Internets?


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Kitchen Makeover Take 1

Posted by mycrazylittlelife on 01/14/2009

When we moved into this house the eat-in kitchen was, and I’m being generous here, a MESS. Here it is in all its ugly. The way it looked when we viewed the house:




From the start I had high hopes for an expansion of this kitchen. So, for the first two years I didn’t want to replace flooring, paint or decorate it. I was holding out. Well, I finally got a grip and decided to work with what I have. After all, why live with a kitchen I detest while I am waiting on my remodel? Ha! I realize that the expansion/remodel will most likely never happen, but a girl can dream.

As an example of the mess…The previous owners had removed the wallpaper from the dining room and tried to texture the walls. My best guess is that they slapped mud on the walls and used a broom to give it texture. I’ve seen this done and done correctly, looks ok. However, they were not very experienced and what we ended up with was more like spikes. If you accidentally brushed your bare skin against the wall you would bleed. Totally not kidding here. I kept a too-big-for-the-space china hutch on the wall for protection against the walls of death.

The decorating was interesting as well. The mix of ivy and peppers just didn’t do it for me. Those quickly came down, as well as the towel bars.  I repainted a light beige on the walls surrounding the cabinets/counters. Other than those minor changes, it remained basically the same. At one point I did slap some things on the walls which was worse than having a bare kitchen, I believe. I tried to disguise the ugly, but really, it was pointless. 

The husband and I decided to do what we could to make it better. So here is what we did: We taped, sanded, textured & painted. kitchen-reno-1-08-0021


And then we put in vinyl tiles. Not my first choice, but we have a limited budget here! kitchen-reno-1-08-049

Please excuse the mess.

Take 2 will consists of stripping and re-staining the cabinetry. Eventually we will also replace the counters. Now to accessorize! And find some window treatments!

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One Day At A Time

Posted by mycrazylittlelife on 11/04/2008

Originally, I had planned for this to be an all encompassing blog. Not just menu plans. Not that you could tell! So in an effort to create a habit, this week I’ll be posting everyday. That’s 7 posts folks.

Yesterday was a busy day for me. My children had co-op and Scouts which took up the whole afternoon. Of course, there were errands to run beforehand. When we returned, it was time to prepare dinner. To say that very little book work was completed would be an understatement. But that’s ok, we will fit it in another day. This is the love part of the love/hate relationship I have with home schooling.  (By the way, spell check doesn’t like ‘homschooling’ and I cannot stand hitting publish on a post with little red squiggles. Just so you know. )

Also, we carved pumpkins. What’s that you say? Halloween has past? Yes, it has, but carving pumpkins is not just for Halloween. It’s a FALL tradition. Yeah, that’s what my kids said too. We were planning to carve on Friday (Halloween) but we were distracted. My in-laws came over for the night and we played games instead. The night got away from us before the carving got underway. Saturday was busy with an unplanned home improvement project which was long overdue.

crown-moudling-2   crown-moulding-3  crown-moulding-1 

Don’t you just love how the previous owners painted only the perimeter of the ceiling? It’s lovely, no? From what I’ve heard and read, painting the ceiling is no fun at all. One day, when we can afford it, we will rip out the carpet and replace it with hardwood. Between the ripping and replacing we intend to paint the ceiling.

What was I saying? Oh, yeah…busy day, in-laws visiting, home improvement, late pumpkin carving…

 We let them do all the drawing and carving this year.

pumpking-carving-08My son and ‘George’. Do you name your pumpkins?

pumpking-carving-08-04  Teenaged girls carve pumpkins too. Albeit with attitude.

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MPM and Construction

Posted by mycrazylittlelife on 12/17/2007

It’s going to go something like this:

spaghetti, foccacia, salad
chicken something, steamed broccoli*
grilled ham and cheese sandwiches, tomato soup
chicken nuggets, ‘cafeteria’ mac n cheese, green beans
tuna sandwiches, pickles, carrot sticks

oriental noodle bowls with turkey and veggies
*If you’re thinking we eat a lot of broccoli, we do. It’s the one vegetable that the whole family likes.
That’s as far as I can think right now. I don’t have much in the way of a menu.
But I DO have construction photos!

This is what we started with:

An enclosed garage.

On the other side of the exposed studs is our miniature laundry room.
It’s tiny. Seriously. It’s only as wide as the washer and dryer.
Once it was opened up:

And now:
Plenty of room for laundry baskets, some shelving, a drying rod and best of all I won’t be face down in cat’s box when I put clothes into the dryer! I’m so excited!
The outside:
To the left is our chest freezer, water softener, hot water heater and a whole slew of junk! There will be a small storage area. Hopefully we’ll keep it neater than this!
Here is the room being framed:
And the closet, which is outside the room. Which hurts because this addition won’t be considered a bedroom since there is no closet inside. However, it does give the boy more useable space.
Sheetrock going up:
And here it is insulated:

I know you were just dying to see that pink fuzzy stuff. You’re welcome.
See that table? I have special plans for that. If I’m successful, I’ll post about it.
‘Till next time…be blessed!

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