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Project Overload

Posted by mycrazylittlelife on 03/26/2009

Sometimes it feels like everything happens at once. I’m just so thankful we’ve been able to get these projects done before the summer heat takes over.

For starters, we (using the term ‘we’ very loosely here) replaced our field lines and converted our system to aerobic. I’ll just let you absorb that for a moment. Yeah. So, it was costly, but certainly not as costly as having a new system installed. ‘We’  also replaced the shower in the kids bathroom. The original tub/shower was very odd. There was a ‘ceiling’ to it (think travel trailer! Srsly.) and the tub so slanted and tall that it made getting in and out dangerous for my Grandmother that lived with us. More on that in a minute. Anyway, the new shower and saftey precautions were, of course,  more expensive and time consuming than anticipated! ‘We’ still need to add trim and then I will post pictures.

About my Grandmother: She is originally from east Texas. She had lived between east Texas and my parents home in Houston since my grandfather passed away 12 years ago. When my mother died two years ago, she came to live with us. She had been alternating her time between our home and her hometown.  However, at 75 her health is quickly deteriorating and her cardiologist recommended she not be leaving town longer than two weeks. She didn’t care for his ‘recommendation’ and made the decision to live there instead of here. She’s sassy and rebellious when she’s mad! I have very mixed feeling about this, but ultimately I do think it is best for all of us. I certainly wish she had made that decision BEFORE we replaced the shower…but I digress. It is what it is. So…we moved her back to her hometown. 

Which leads me to another project! It’s neverending around here, I tell ya!  We built a bedroom in our ‘den’ (converted garage) for our son, giving his room to my Grandmother. So, upon her moving, he got his old room back and now I have an office/craft room. I’m trying to make the kids call it my ‘art studio’ because that sounds more prestigious and I’m all about prestige, you know. They just laugh. Anyway, we are setting up that room for craft projects. And my art. Hopefully it will be done soon then I will just need to decorate it. Can’t wait for that part!

Lest you think we are slackers, we’ve also planted our garden. It will be much smaller than previous years, but plenty for us. The kids are really excited about it and my daughter has been checking for sprouts daily. She knows that we won’t see any for another week…but still she checks. Teens can be so cute!

In summary….we’ve done a lot of stuff around here and we are broke because of it. What have you been up to, Internets?


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