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Paint Chip Art

Posted by mycrazylittlelife on 02/18/2009

**Hopfully the ‘situation’ with my missing pictures has been corrected.

Otherwise known as really cheap, if not free, art!
This is a 14×14 frame that was originally a collage frame. It was purchased for $1.50 on 1/2 price day at Goodwill. There were two of them, so I bought them both. Yea me! I still have one left for another project! The paint chips are free from your local home improvement store.

paint chip frame
After disassembling, I painted the frame ‘java brown’ and the cardboard backing ‘butter cream’. I would have preferred to cover it with paper or fabric, but I didn’t have enough to actually cover the whole thing. So, paint it was. backing
After painting, all that was left was to find an arrangement I liked. This was the hardest part. Especially for someone with a touch of OCD! After multiple tries…I settled on a layout, but not this one. 😀 layout

Armed with my handy dandy glue stick, I just glued them down. I have to admit, there was a level and ruler involved. I tried really hard to just ‘eyeball’ it, but after the stress of arranging the chips, I just couldn’t do it. Pathetic, I know.
paint chip artOverall, I’m happy with the end results. It’s unique and best of all, CHEAP! This idea was stolen from Nikki at Project: Domestic Bliss because I haven’t had an original idea in at least a decade.

Side Note~ I’ve been working on some projects for my daughter’s room. This is one of the reasons I spray paint inside. spray painted hand

The wind! It’s terrible out here.

Side note to myself: Lotion, lotion, lotion! And get a manicure every now and again.


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