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Kitchen Makeover Take 1

Posted by mycrazylittlelife on 01/14/2009

When we moved into this house the eat-in kitchen was, and I’m being generous here, a MESS. Here it is in all its ugly. The way it looked when we viewed the house:




From the start I had high hopes for an expansion of this kitchen. So, for the first two years I didn’t want to replace flooring, paint or decorate it. I was holding out. Well, I finally got a grip and decided to work with what I have. After all, why live with a kitchen I detest while I am waiting on my remodel? Ha! I realize that the expansion/remodel will most likely never happen, but a girl can dream.

As an example of the mess…The previous owners had removed the wallpaper from the dining room and tried to texture the walls. My best guess is that they slapped mud on the walls and used a broom to give it texture. I’ve seen this done and done correctly, looks ok. However, they were not very experienced and what we ended up with was more like spikes. If you accidentally brushed your bare skin against the wall you would bleed. Totally not kidding here. I kept a too-big-for-the-space china hutch on the wall for protection against the walls of death.

The decorating was interesting as well. The mix of ivy and peppers just didn’t do it for me. Those quickly came down, as well as the towel bars.  I repainted a light beige on the walls surrounding the cabinets/counters. Other than those minor changes, it remained basically the same. At one point I did slap some things on the walls which was worse than having a bare kitchen, I believe. I tried to disguise the ugly, but really, it was pointless. 

The husband and I decided to do what we could to make it better. So here is what we did: We taped, sanded, textured & painted. kitchen-reno-1-08-0021


And then we put in vinyl tiles. Not my first choice, but we have a limited budget here! kitchen-reno-1-08-049

Please excuse the mess.

Take 2 will consists of stripping and re-staining the cabinetry. Eventually we will also replace the counters. Now to accessorize! And find some window treatments!


One Response to “Kitchen Makeover Take 1”

  1. From the Powell Lily Pad said

    Love it! looks great! so, when is dinner? ha, ha!
    no really, we do need to see you guys sometime soon!

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