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New Nickname?

Posted by mycrazylittlelife on 01/13/2009

We are trying to cut costs and are keeping our heat on 66-68 degrees. This is a fine temp, but the back of our home faces the north and we really do need a new back door. You can easily get chilled in the living or dining areas.

Everyone has been told to wear warm clothes or move around. Well, yesterday my 8 yo son repeatedly complained of being cold (wearing only cotton lounge pants and cotton long sleeve shirt, mind you) so I made him get on the treadmill. After a few sessions, he quit complaining.

Fast forward to this morning: I hear my 75 yo grandmother with back problems, in the kitchen, talking to my son. She says “I am so cold this morning. I just can’t warm up.” Son replies, “Don’t let Mom hear you. She will make you treadmill FOREVER. She’s like the treadmill
Nazi or something.”

I really think it should be heat Nazi…but whatever. It was hilarious!


One Response to “New Nickname?”

  1. From the Powell Lily Pad said

    HA! that is really funny!

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