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May I pick your brain?

Posted by mycrazylittlelife on 01/11/2009

I can’t decide on my own and my husband would probably like to hold an intervention so I’ll shut up about…..PLACEMATS! Placemats, people. Who knew they could cause so much indicisiveness? Not me. No, never in a million years did I expect to be conflicted over placemats. So here’s the deal. We’ve ruined the top of our table by eating hot foods on paper plates. There, I said it. I serve my family on paper plates 90% of the time. I’m just lazy that way. We are planning to refinish the top of the table and we want placemats to protect it from the steam/moisture that causes those beautiful white marks.

 Oh! Did you think using real plates was going to be an option? Ha ha ha. Um, no. And yes, I do know how un-green it is, you don’t need to send me hate mail. We do reduce, reuse & recycle in other ways. Just ask my friends about my paper towel rules! 

Back to the issue, my table is 36×60, I think. Nevermind the dimensions, I can tell you that I need to seat six and rectangular placemats don’t work. So I found these:


Here they are up close and personal, but the color is off. The color ^ is more accurate.  Please note the water marks!kitchen-reno-1-08-068


For a whopping $1.99! They fit perfectly, don’t you think? They are some sort of nylon which will be easy to clean, but the material also makes them look a bit cheap to me. Although we are not a fancy family, I don’t want them to scream “I COST $2 BUCKS” either.

I just don’t know if I like them. The color is a bit brighter than what I want to accent my kitchen with, but I could live with it. It’s weaved with black, so that tones it down a bit. I bought 8 of them just to have extras, but I haven’t let me famiy use them yet, or take the tags off!, because I’m just so undecided. Or I could just purchase them in taupe to match the walls, but that would be boring.  It’s the little things that trip me up!

So, I’ve created a poll and I covet your input! I need your opinons…my husband begs you because I’m sure he is sick of discussing it already. ‘They are placemats, Woman!”

*My poll isn’t showing up along with most of my widgets. I don’t know what is going on, but it sure is frustrating! Well, comments would do. Tell me what you thing. Thanks!


Clearly, I need window treatments, too. Let’s save that for another day.


3 Responses to “May I pick your brain?”

  1. micie66 said

    If you aren’t sure about the circular ones, how about measuring and making your own rectangular or square ones? They are super easy to make. I like them but they yell “Busy and too crowded” to me.

  2. From the Powell Lily Pad said

    i like the rounds and the color! I’m always hesitant about bold colors too but I get used to the pop and it helps out usually ;o)

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