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ramblings of a crazy woman living her sometimes crazy life with her little family, in their little home, in a little town, in the BIG state of Texas


Posted by mycrazylittlelife on 11/16/2008


It’s Monday again! It arrives way too fast for me some times! Due to a recent birthday and shopping yesterday, money is going to be tight this week. I’ll need to use what I have on hand, but again lots of running around means I don‘t really know what I actually have on hand! Until I can inventory (Tuesday), here a list of meals I’m sure I can pull off.

~Breakfasts~ ham & cheese corn muffins, crock pot oatmeal, birds in a nest, blueberry pancakes, toast with peanut butter, oj and milk

~Dinners~ pizza wraps, Ramen, salad, sandwiches*, sliced apples, fruit smoothies


lasagna, salad, fruit cocktail

bacon, eggs, toast, sliced apples

tortellini/spinach soup, garlic bread

roast beef & pepper jack melts, salad

Hopefully I can come up with a few more options, but I know we have plenty. I just have to ‘make do’ and not run to the store. What are you cooking this week? See more menu plans at

 *Lots of sandwiches because both dh & I picked up bread, 2 loaves each!


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