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First Time

Posted by mycrazylittlelife on 11/09/2008

I’ve never posted anything like this on my blog. Usually, I find them a little silly, but fun. This one is different. 


This is the kind of email where you can let it go. This is your opportunity to say what you really want to say without facing any consequences. The only rule for this is that you must be completely honest when answering these questions. Ready, set, go:
I am: still a bit nervous.

I dream: that someday I will achieve my goals.

I think: way too much about everything.

I know: I have it in me.

I want: spiritual awakening/revival for our nation.

I have: too much going on.

I wish: I were not so emotional.

I hate: not knowing.

I miss: the way it used to be and at the same time look forward to the changes life brings.

I fear: missing His direction.

I feel: exasperated.

I hear: my children.

I smell: Neroli Jasmin body wash from the Body Shop!

I crave: more hours in my days.

I search: for answers.

I wonder: if I will ever have the answers!

I regret: too much, but praise God I’m forgiven.

I love: My Saviour, my precious family, my dear friends, and my church!

I ache: for those that have rejected salvation.

I care: for the hurting and lost.

I always: pray while I’m cleaning. J

I am not: what I think I should be.

I believe: God is the answer.

I dance: when I‘m happy.

I sing: even though I know I probably shouldn’t.

I cry: when I am happy, angry, sad, hurt, excited. Yeah, pretty much all the time.

I don’t always: extend grace.

I fight: with myself over the big issues.

I write: in my journal a lot. Not enough on my blog.

I win: rarely.

I lose: my cool when I feel disrespected.

I never: go to bed angry.

I listen: to my husband. He’s a wise and godly man.

I can usually be found: at the intersection of ‘crazy’ and ‘barely pulling it off‘.

I am scared: of nothing! God is so much bigger than anything I can think to write here.

I need: spend more time just being still before God and to take more time for myself.

I am happy: with the life I’ve been given.

I desire: to be the wife/mother/teacher/daughter/friend/whatever else God intends me to be.

I hope: to raise godly adults.

I have to: move on now.

I tag: Noone, but feel free to use it if you like. I didn’t create it.


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