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It’s Menu Time

Posted by mycrazylittlelife on 07/21/2008

Conversation on Saturday….

dh: I think I misappropriated some funds.

me: K.

dh: No, seriously. It’s going to be tight.

me: K.

dh: Do you hear what I am saying?

me: Yeah.

dh: What am I saying?:

me: ‘Don’t spend a dime until further notice.’

dh: Oh. How can you listen and type at the same time?

me: I’m just talented like that.

Since ‘we’ have somehow ‘misappropriated’ funds…I’m not going to the market this week. It will be challenging to create healthy, filling meals and then make it all last through the week, but I’m going to try! 

Notice how I didn’t say ‘well liked’? Yeah….my kids noticed that too when I posted this list on the calendar. Actually, it’s not that bad. Last week my daughter was away at church camp so there is food left from the last shopping trip.

Breakfasts will be a choice of the following: oatmeal, eggs & toast, toast w/pnut butter, cereal while it lasts

Plus: oj OR a fruit, yogurt OR milk *This is where most of the whining was expressed. They think it’s unfair that they cannot have both. They are so deprived!

Lunches: sandwiches, nachos, homemade soups from the freezer, bean burritos

Suppers: chicken & dumplings, pears *use 1/2 chicken

spinach salad (incuding eggs for protein and bacon bits from 2 strips of bacon I have leftover), watermelon

breakfast casserole (made from potatoes, eggs and 1/2 lb sausage), sliced apples

chicken enchilada casserole (other 1/2 chicken), spanish rice, pears

homemade pizza w/sausage (other 1/2 lb) and veggies from the garden, spinach salad

frittata made with garden veggies & eggs, fruit

tortellini & spinach soup from the freezer, crusty bread, fruit if there is any left!

When the gallon of milk is at the halfway mark, I will add a packet of dry milk & water. The kids balk if they see me do this….but I’m sneaky! They won’t see it and they won’t know!

Anyone else making do with what you have on hand this week?

Menu Pan Monday


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