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Gas prices are making me cheap!

Posted by mycrazylittlelife on 07/14/2008

I’ve always been frugal, really. Since I was 15, I’ve had bills to pay. I know and appreciate the value of a hard-earned dollar. This has caused me to (usually) spend wisely and sometimes do without. My friends, and especially my daughter, snicker at the things I do to save a buck in general. However, along with the rest of the country, we are starting to really feel the pinch of rising gas prices. In turn, I’m becoming cheap rather than frugal! Here are just a few small & easy examples of how I’m saving money:

  • Shopping sales with coupons. If you haven’t read already, there is much well deserved hype regarding CVS. Money Saving Mom has a wonderful tutorial teaching you how to use your coupons on sale items and find the best deals at CVS. In addition, The Simple Dollar has several entries regarding coupons. If you are going to embark on the Great Coupon Adventure, be sure to read his One Month Coupon Strategy.
  • Making my own/Cooking from ‘Scratch’. This is by far the easiest of all my tips. All baking/cooking mixes are way cheaper to make than to buy. Sure it takes some time and effort. Honestly, though, it’s not that much time and the savings are by far worth the few minutes of work. They are also far more nutritious than store bought items. Some things I make instead of buying: laundry detergent, dryer sheets, cleaners, frozen pancakes/waffles/breakfast burritos, soups and any mixes i may use in the kitchen.
  • Reducing the electric bill. Aside from turning up the air and turning off lights, this is a hard one for me. Since we homeschool, we are home a lot! Something is always running. The children use the TV /DVD players for school and 5 people make a lot of laundry! However, we have found some things to help. My husband installed radiant barrier sheeting across the decking of our attic. So far we have only covered the west side of the house, which happens to be our bedroom, and have already noticed a difference. Since the dryer uses electricity and heats up the house, I only dry sheets, towels and my husbands work clothes completely. The other loads are hung to dry. Another benefit is that the clothes will last a bit longer.
  • Reducing the gas bill. This is an obvious one. I am careful to plan my trips into town. Translation: We stay home more.
  • Redbox. We have a Redbox at our local market and Wal-Mart. They carry the latest movie releases at $1.00 per 24 hour period. Can you say DEAL? Also, if you enter your mobile number, they will text you a free movie rental code every Monday. Yes, it really works! A major plus is that the movie can be returned to ANY Redbox location. So I can rent on Mondays and my husband can return them on Tuesdays near his place of employment, preventing me from having to make a trip into town. Score!
  • Careful shopping. I only shop clearance aisles and Goodwill. Seriously. You can giggle. My friends do.

In the next entry, I plan to post some recipes I use for the items I’ve mentioned.

Until then, are you feeling the pinch? How are you dealing with it?


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