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Posted by mycrazylittlelife on 05/15/2008

It’s almost summer time for most school aged children. Summer is my favorite season! I just love the sun and the smell of chlorine and spreckled* little noses. We usually spend our summers swimming and doing unit studies. This summer however, will be different.

~Queue dramatic drum-roll please.~

We will be schooling. Yep, that’s right. Schooling. Not unit studies or fun learning projects, plain ole school.

This is my fault entirely. I’m not sure how, but we’ve fallen behind. There is no good excuse for it either. Unlike last year, we’ve experienced no traumatic events. I suppose I’ve just gotten lazy. Sure, I could use that line that lots of other homeschoolers use: “We aren’t really behind because we set our own schedule.” But no, that’s not it. This wasn’t planned, nor should it be so. But it is. It is so. And I will pay for my laziness!

Before you feel sorry for my kids….don’t. They will still get to swim and spend time with friends. I’m sure we will have our share of Friday night parties and get-togethers. Not to mention that they really don’t mind doing school through the summer because they get bored otherwise. It’s me that will suffer. Don’t you feel sorry for me? No? I didn’t think so.


*Son-speak for freckles:Spreckles. So precious!


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