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Posted by mycrazylittlelife on 05/01/2008

There is a lot happening in my life right now. However, nothing I care to post about here. Nothing terrible or embarrassing….just nothing I care to write about.

Instead, here are some random things from my brain….

  • Ants. We have ants. Of course, in the most inconvenient places too. Well, is there really a convenient location for a bed of ants? I think not. I need to get some veggie plants in the ground soon, so I am looking for an ‘organic’ solution to my ant problem. Any suggestions?
  • The weather is really wonky right now. It seems everytime I start to store fall/winter clothes a cold snap returns. None of us have room to accomodate two seasons of clothing. This must change.
  • I love this site! If you are looking for a free way to track your calories, this is it! It’s fabulous. The site also offers message boards, tons of articles, personal pages, etc. Check it out.
  • Reducing my budget in certain areas. Obviously, this is weighing on many minds right now. The cost of gas is rising quickly. ($3.50/gal!) In addition to carefully planning my trips to town, I am also trying to cut my grocery budget. This is proving difficult because we have added a full grown adult and are also accommodating another regular mealtime visitor. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE having these family members. It is just proving difficult to cut the budget when adding members!

Well, those are my thoughts at this moment. Hopefully I can create some content in the next few days!



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