My Crazy Little Life

ramblings of a crazy woman living her sometimes crazy life with her little family, in their little home, in a little town, in the BIG state of Texas

Again with the random thoughts….

Posted by mycrazylittlelife on 02/29/2008

Yes, this means I have nothing worthy of writing about. So you get bullet points.

  • My fil has been hospitalized with pneumonia. Your prayers for complete healing are greatly appreciated.  
  • What am I going to make/pick up for mil’s supper? Perhaps I should be asking her, no?
  • I love my gym. I mean really, really love it. More than anyone should love a gym.
  • Parents that expose others by carting their ill children all over town really annoy me. However, Friday, I became one of them! I know, shame shame shame.
  • Kashi TLC Oatmeal Dark Chocolate cookies are ‘da bomb! Yo diggity.kashi cookies
  • Teenage girls are a blast and a great big pain in the keister….simultaneously.
  • Acne in my 30’s is just wrong. My hormones are whack, dude.
  • Home improvements are slowly being completed. I really need to help my husband more. Aside from just ‘supervising’, ahem.

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